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 Best First Foods for Babies


Fall Harvest Baby Food – Buttercup Squash


Buttercup Squash – A Fall Harvest Winter Squash Buttercup squash is a medium sized squash.  It’s a bit bigger than acorn squash and very much smaller than a Hubbard squash.  It’s similar in size and appearance to the kabocha squash.  The buttercup squash has a very distinct round bottom that is circular.  It […]

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Day 36 – Blueberries for Baby Food at Stage 1 and 6 Months of Age – 365 Days of Baby Food


This year, blueberries are off the “Dirty Dozen” list so there is no pressing need to buy them organically grown.  It is always a good practice to purchase organic foods for your baby (if not for the whole family) whenever possible! When serving and prepping blueberries for your baby, blueberries are generally a […]

Day 35 – Apples for Baby Food at Stage 1 and 6 Months of Age- 365 Days of Baby Food


One of the most important nutritional components of Apples is that they contain two types of fiber; insoluble fiber and soluble fiber. Both of these types of fiber help maintain bowel regularity. The insoluble fiber works like roughage, while the soluble fiber (pectin), helps keep the bowels regular (avoiding constipation, avoiding diarrhea) and […]