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Day 34 – Introduce vegetables before fruits – 365 Days of Baby Food

Dear Mom of a Baby Just Starting Solid Foods: You should introduce vegetables before fruits to your baby and remember to introduce green vegetables before orange vegetables.   Introduce any food that you want to introduce as long as it is a single ingredient, low on the allergenic list and is nutrient dense, try […]

Day 33 – Where to store that beautiful produce – 365 Days of Baby Food


This is one of the best infographics out there that shows exactly where produce should be stored.  After we do the shopping and spend all that money for quality (and often organic) produce, it would be a shame to not get the best from it.  Follow this chart and ensure that your produce […]

Day 32 – Baby’s First Rice Cereal using ground brown rice -365 Days of Baby Food


Shaking baby cereal flakes out of a box isn’t appealing and it really isn’t cost effective. You can make baby’s rice cereal for a fraction of the cost at home and you know what’s in it: a single ingredient – rice! PrintBaby’s First Rice Cereal – 6 Months + Ingredients1 cup of brown […]

Day 31 – Orange Babies – 365 Days of Baby Food


It is not uncommon for babies who are fed a lot of orange fruits and vegetables to have their palms, soles of their feet and even their faces take on a sun kissed hue. This phenomena is known medically as “carotenemia”; too much beta-carotene causes skin to turn an orange color. Orange fleshed […]

Day 30 – Dairy Infographic, When to introduce milk and dairy products – 365 Days of Baby Food


“No dairy until baby is 12 months old” is the ominous proclamation made by many pediatricians.  Sadly, many pediatricians neglect to tell parents that there is a big difference between offering babies yogurt (dairy) and letting babies drink milk prior to the age of 12 months. Cooking with a bit of milk is […]

Day 28 – Saucy Avocados – 365 Days of Baby Food


Avocado is a brain food and is in fact, a super food for the whole body. Avocados are one of the best foods that you can feed your baby from 6 months on.  Both apples and avocado are considered ideal first foods for babies. Mixing mashed avocado with homemade (or store-bought) applesauce creates […]