Adventuring into Solid Foods – Tips, Fun and Folly too! 2017-03-19T20:30:25+00:00

Being a Mom of three boys, 2 of whom are twins, I have had my share of solid food adventures.  Beginning solid foods is a phase of your baby’s development should be fun and enjoyable and yes, a bit scary ad sad too.  In my book, I wanted to be sure to give you lots of tips and great ideas for making this transition as simple as possible.

I’ll tell you why broccoli may not be a great first food even if it’s not a known allergen.

What to know why your baby’s poop is blue-ish/grey?  Yep, I have poop colors covered too!

Did you know that some foods may turn your baby’s skin an orange color or that one specific food may cause baby’s urine to smell funny?

The Wholesome Baby Food Guide is more than just a baby food cookbook!  It is your complete guide to introducing solid foods and making eating transitions as well.