DIY Baby Food is Simple but DIY Bug & Pest Control? DIY Bug and Pest Control is simple too!

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Skip the harsh chemicals and pesticides and whip up some of these DIY pest control solutions. As summer creeps in so do the creepy crawlies and flying, biting insects. There is a safer way to keep your home and your self safe from insects! Source:  

Day 30 – Dairy Infographic, When to introduce milk and dairy products – 365 Days of Baby Food

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"No dairy until baby is 12 months old" is the ominous proclamation made by many pediatricians.  Sadly, many pediatricians neglect to tell parents that there is a big difference between offering babies yogurt (dairy) and letting babies drink milk prior to the age of 12 months. Cooking with a bit of milk is ok and offering [...]

Nitrates – Carrots & The Nitrates and the Homemade Baby Food Myth

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Click Image to download large JPG infographic file You may have been told by your pediatrician or a friend or a website on the internet, that it's best to not make your baby homemade baby foods or that you should not make certain types of vegetables due to nitrates.  The pediatrician may have also [...]

Useful Gadgets for Feeding Baby on the Go

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Feeding your baby when you are out and about isn't that difficult to do. With a few simple tools to toss into a lunch bag, you'll be ready to feed your baby anywhere!  Check out my favorite gadgets that I would never leave home without.  Even though I had twins, I did not need to double [...]

Top 15 Healthy Finger Foods for Babies

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If you need to find a snack or meal option for your little one that she can eat with her fingers, look no farther than your refrigerator or counter top fruit bowl!  To help make the transition to finger foods (and table foods) easier, use the foods that you baby is currently enjoying.  Don't puree the [...]

Iron and Iron Rich Baby Foods – What Iron Rich Foods Can Baby Eat?

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Around the age of 6 months (some pediatricians say up until 8 months), a baby’s natural stores of iron will almost be gone.   It’s at this time that babies typically begin to eat solid foods. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies not be started on solid foods prior to the age of 6 months [...]