Day 13 – Constipation and “P” Fruits – 365 Days of Baby Food

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As babies make the transition to solid foods, their tummies may find it difficult at first to process and digest solids.  New foods with new textures and compositions may lead to constipation. Fruits with “P” will naturally help baby’s bowels get things moving properly again.  Pit, core and peel the fruits as needed and then mash [...]

Day 9 – Vitamin C Splash Mix – 365 Days of Baby Food

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Vitamin C: You can find Vitamin C in green and red peppers, avocados, banana, cabbage, kiwi, turnip greens, kale, collards, parsley, sprouted alfalfa seeds, broccoli, tomatoes, mango, lemons, oranges, black currants, acerola cherries, cantaloupe, strawberries, and other citrus . Vitamin C is important for the formation of collagen, which is a protein that gives structure to [...]

The Scoop on the Colors of Poop – Poop and Introducing Solid Foods

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Poop, it’s a delicate topic and it’s one of those things that we’re often reluctant to discuss in the company of strangers. But a new baby is welcomed into the family; we suddenly lose all inhibition when it comes to discussing poop.   Much to our surprise, we find ourselves in deep conversations with complete strangers about [...]

Can My Baby Eat the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie? – Baby Food Quick Tip

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It's almost here, the day of Pumpkin Pie and Giving Thanks.  I have to admit that I'm a sucker for pumpkin pie. It's one of my favorite foods of Thanksgiving and as luck would have it, it's actually nutritious. My little ones were lucky because when Thanksgiving rolled around, they were 10 months old and I happily [...]

Harvest Steel Cut Oatmeal – A hearty baby cereal and tasty for the whole family

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Using whole grains to make baby cereal or other grain based recipes is always better than using refined and enriched grains.  Whole grains retain all of their natural and wholesome goodness. Whole grains not highly processed and stripped of the parts that contain important nutrients,such as the bran. Whole grains will offer the most bio-available nutrients [...]

Oh No! Nitrates in Homemade Baby Food – The scary homemade baby food myth that grows from mis-information

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On 12 September 2013 pediatrician and author Dr. Joanna Dolgoff appeared on Fox News to talk about the British study indicating that homemade baby food was more nutritious than store bought baby food. I was eager to hear what the doctor had to say about the study as so many of the study points seemed to [...]

Iron and Iron Rich Baby Foods – What Iron Rich Foods Can Baby Eat?

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Around the age of 6 months (some pediatricians say up until 8 months), a baby’s natural stores of iron will almost be gone.   It’s at this time that babies typically begin to eat solid foods. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies not be started on solid foods prior to the age of 6 months [...]

For Baby – Apple Cranberry Sauce is a super way to introduce babies to tart tastes

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Cranberries were commonly referred to as "bounce-berries".  In the "old days", you would pick the good cranberries from the bad cranberries by tossing them on the ground or down the stairs to see if they bounce. The bouncy berries are the good berries.     Cranberries are super fruits and the health benefits cranberries offer are [...]

The Humble Fruit Bowl – Baby Food Recipes and Baby Meals abound in an average bowl of fruits!

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Behold the fruit bowl!  To the untrained eye, this bowl of fruit might seem to be nothing more than a humble heaping of banana, peaches, avocado and apples.  However if you're a mom or caregiver of an infant, or even a toddler, you probably realise that this bowl and these fruits themselves, contain the potential for [...]

Chicken Pot Pie – Baby Food from Dinner Food – Many Possibilities!

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This recipe makes a hearty chicken pot pie that the whole family will enjoy. You can serve a piece to your baby if you’d like, but keep in mind the recipe contains dairy and wheat.  Here are a few ways that you can offer this delicious chicken pot pie to your little one: For Baby (eight [...]