Day 30 – Dairy Infographic, When to introduce milk and dairy products – 365 Days of Baby Food

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"No dairy until baby is 12 months old" is the ominous proclamation made by many pediatricians.  Sadly, many pediatricians neglect to tell parents that there is a big difference between offering babies yogurt (dairy) and letting babies drink milk prior to the age of 12 months. Cooking with a bit of milk is ok and offering [...]

Day 27 – Creamy Salmon and Carrots – 365 Days of Baby Food

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We eat a lot of fish in my house. Not only is it quick to prepare but it's such a super nutritious food.  Full of Omega 3 fatty acids, salmon, and other fish, is also a great source of protein that is not high in saturated fat.   Babies can begin to eat fish around 7-8 [...]

Raspberry Yogurt Muffins – Tasty Deliciousness

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Oh how I wish I knew the Muffin Man!  My whole family loves muffins, any kind of fruit muffin particularly and make it warm please. This raspberry yogurt muffin is just a little bit sweet and gives you a whole lotta yums.  For the older babies/toddlers, these muffins crumble nicely so that many minutes of intense [...]

Banana and Pear Puree for Baby – Roasted and Baked Pear and Banana Baby Food

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For babies, bananas and pears are wonderful first foods.  These two first food choices are also great when they are mixed together to create a new combination for baby's newly expanding palate. Bananas and pears, when roasted together in the oven are deliciously wonderful and can even be a bit decadent when caramelized and drizzled over [...]

Baby’s Fresh Taste of Summer Puree

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Summer and Fall are two seasons that are my favorites when it comes to foods for babies. These two seasons are complete opposites in terms of the foods (and the weather) that are brought to harvest every year. Each season offers a delicious bounty of colorful, nutritious and easy to prepare foods for babies, and the [...]

Little Yogurt Meals for Babies – Smoothies or Ice Pops for big kids

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I love the ability to make a "meal" for little ones with just a wee bit of effort and not much planning.  Enter yogurt meals!  These tasty little mixes can incorporate all of the food groups if you like or as little as 2 additions.  The one huge benefit about making your own yogurt meals is [...]

Sugar-free Yogurt Pancakes

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Do you have some yogurt kicking around the fridge? Looking for a sugar-free breakfast option that your little one can easily eat with his/her fingers? Wishing you could make wholesome pancakes that you can freeze for a quick breakfast or snack option? I have a wonderfully light, fluffy and oh-so easy recipe for all your pancake [...]

When Can Babies Eat Greek Yogurt? Greek Yogurt for Babies from 6 months of age

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Greek yogurt has taken the world by storm, and with good reason.  The extra creaminess and texture of Greek yogurt is more enjoyable that regular yogurt and along with the super creamy texture, Greek yogurt has a nice tang and is less sweet.  Parents want to know, can babies have Greek yogurt or must they stick [...]