Chapter Four

Curiosities and Myths in Baby Feeding

Throughout the generations, advice on feeding babies has continually changed. Much of the advice from past generations ranged from the practical, to the professional to the just plain odd.


A few Baby Feeding Myths:

  • Nitrates in homemade carrots (and other vegetables containing nitrates) are dangerous; commercial baby food is free from nitrates.
  • Baby food must be bland
  • Green vegetables before orange and never offer fruits before vegetables – ever.
  • Adding cereal to baby’s bottle will help him sleep through the night
  • Babies should not eat dairy like yogurt and/or cheese until 12 months or older

A few Baby Feeding Curiosities:

  • Babies do not need teeth to chew textured or chunky foods
  • Babies will turn orange if they are fed an abundance of orange foods
  • 6 months is a special age for introducing solid foods to babies
  • Recipes for Baby Food from the 1800’s