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Fall Harvest Baby Food – Buttercup Squash

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  Buttercup Squash - A Fall Harvest Winter Squash Buttercup squash is a medium sized squash.  It's a bit bigger than acorn squash and very much smaller than a Hubbard squash.  It's similar in size and appearance to the kabocha squash.  The buttercup squash has a very distinct round bottom that is circular.  It looks as [...]

Blueberries for Baby Food Stage 1 and 6 Months of Age

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This year, blueberries are off the "Dirty Dozen" list so there is no pressing need to buy them organically grown. It is always a good practice to purchase organic foods for your baby (if not for the whole family) whenever possible! When serving and prepping blueberries for your baby, blueberries are generally a "no cook" food. [...]

Day 11 – Crockpot Apples and Pumpkin – 365 Days of Baby Food

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Apples and pumpkins pair together to make a great fruity meal for babies. With this recipe, you have the ease of "fix it and forget it" by using the crockpot and, you can also make an apple-pumpkin butter when you let the mix cook down further. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:55]

Day 5 – First Vegetables for Babies – 365 Days of Baby Food

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When introducing solid foods to babies, parents most often wonder which foods are suitable as first foods. Naturally, they wonder about fruits, veggies, meats and grains and dairy products. On Day 5 of our series, we give you the best vegetables to offer as baby's first foods.

Day 1 – Oatmeal Cereal – 365 Days of Baby Food

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Ring in the New Year with a new series - 365 Days of Baby Food. It's ambitious and will be lots of fun too.  Each day a new recipe image will be posted and shared on Instagram. Follow me on Instagram and be sure to tag friends and family use #365daysofbabyfood to share your recipes too! [...]

Nitrates – Carrots & The Nitrates and the Homemade Baby Food Myth

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Click Image to download large JPG infographic file You may have been told by your pediatrician or a friend or a website on the internet, that it's best to not make your baby homemade baby foods or that you should not make certain types of vegetables due to nitrates.  The pediatrician may have also [...]

The Scoop on the Colors of Poop – Poop and Introducing Solid Foods

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Poop, it’s a delicate topic and it’s one of those things that we’re often reluctant to discuss in the company of strangers. But a new baby is welcomed into the family; we suddenly lose all inhibition when it comes to discussing poop.   Much to our surprise, we find ourselves in deep conversations with complete strangers about [...]

Chicken Soup for Babies and Toddlers – the Easy Way

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Chicken soup is good for the soup, the tummy and for babies and toddlers too.  Don't worry about the spoon, scoop out more of the good stuff, chicken and veggies for example, and give it to your little one on the tray, in a small bowl or whatever works.  When I make chicken soup. about half [...]

Harvest Steel Cut Oatmeal – A hearty baby cereal and tasty for the whole family

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Using whole grains to make baby cereal or other grain based recipes is always better than using refined and enriched grains.  Whole grains retain all of their natural and wholesome goodness. Whole grains not highly processed and stripped of the parts that contain important nutrients,such as the bran. Whole grains will offer the most bio-available nutrients [...]

Apple Cider Rice Cooker Oatmeal – It sure tastes yummy!

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Do you have a rice cooker? Have you ever made oatmeal in a rice cooker?  It's easy to toss everything in the rice cooker and it comes out very tasty.  A big bonus is that you don't have to hang around stirring, (and stirring and stirring) a pot of oatmeal porridge on the stove-top. Making oatmeal [...]