Introducing Vegetables Before Fruits to Baby – Baby Food

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Dear Mom of a Baby Just Starting Solid Foods: You should introduce vegetables before fruits to your baby and remember to introduce green vegetables before orange vegetables.   Introduce any food that you want to introduce as long as it is a single ingredient, low on the allergenic list and is nutrient dense, try these great [...]

Adding Cereal or Food to a Bottle will NOT Help Baby Sleep – 365 Days of Baby Food

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Perhaps one of the most worrisome myths about feeding babies is the myth that cereal in a bottle will help a baby sleep through the night or at least sleep for longer stretches at a time. I know that many parents are probably tempted to try the old "cereal in the bottle" trick to gain an [...]

Day 7 – First Fruits for Baby – 365 Days of Baby Food

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Is your baby just starting solid foods? Do you want to start baby off with fruits instead of veggies. it's ok, go ahead and start with fruits!  It's a myth that introducing fruits before veggies will cause your little one to reject vegetables.  Some pediatricians still say to introduce the vegetables first so that your baby [...]