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The Scoop on the Colors of Poop – Poop and Introducing Solid Foods

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Poop, it’s a delicate topic and it’s one of those things that we’re often reluctant to discuss in the company of strangers. But a new baby is welcomed into the family; we suddenly lose all inhibition when it comes to discussing poop.   Much to our surprise, we find ourselves in deep conversations with complete strangers about [...]

Chicken Soup for Babies and Toddlers – the Easy Way

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Chicken soup is good for the soup, the tummy and for babies and toddlers too.  Don't worry about the spoon, scoop out more of the good stuff, chicken and veggies for example, and give it to your little one on the tray, in a small bowl or whatever works.  When I make chicken soup. about half [...]

Harvest Steel Cut Oatmeal – A hearty baby cereal and tasty for the whole family

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Using whole grains to make baby cereal or other grain based recipes is always better than using refined and enriched grains.  Whole grains retain all of their natural and wholesome goodness. Whole grains not highly processed and stripped of the parts that contain important nutrients,such as the bran. Whole grains will offer the most bio-available nutrients [...]

DIY Roasted Tomato Soup – Share with Baby? Maybe

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What age is it best for you to give your little one tomatoes?  Can your baby have a slurp of that tomato soup you are making?  Is it safe to feed a baby tomato sauce? Tomatoes are one of those maligned foods that can strike fear in the hearts of new parents (and parents who have [...]

Cost of Making Homemade Baby Food versus Buying Store Bought Commercial Baby Food

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If there is one question that is asked the most by people who are thinking about making their own baby food, the question is this "Does it cost more than buying jars of baby food? Making the food for my baby at home has to be a lot more expensive, right?" Looking at cost effectiveness in [...]

Chicken Soup – A tasty defense against cold weather sickies to share with baby

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  It's true what the book says about chicken soup being good for the soul.  A good warm bowl of homemade chicken soup can lift the spirit and chase away the blues and yes, it even helps hasten the departure of the common cold.  The cold season in New England, literally and figuratively, creeps up rather [...]

Pumpkin Pie Dip – Easy Creamy Pumpkin Pie Dip for the Fall

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Pumpkin Pie Dip .  This is a tasty dip that you can share with little ones and kids of all ages.  It's simple and quick to make and keeps in the fridge for about 5-7 days. The best thing about this dip is that you can use it as a "mix-in" for other foods. You can [...]

Cooking Pumpkins – Which Pumpkin is Best for Baby Food or Pies?

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Did you know that pumpkins are a type of squash in the Cucurbita family along with butternut, acorn and my favorite, Hubbard squash?  The pumpkin season is really kicking into high gear around New England.  From the end of September right on through to the end of December, pumpkins play a large role in mealtime and [...]

Chicken Pot Pie – Baby Food from Dinner Food – Many Possibilities!

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This recipe makes a hearty chicken pot pie that the whole family will enjoy. You can serve a piece to your baby if you’d like, but keep in mind the recipe contains dairy and wheat.  Here are a few ways that you can offer this delicious chicken pot pie to your little one: For Baby (eight [...]