A new Baby Food and Baby Feeding Community

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I am so excited to (almost) unveil a new community to encourage and support parents and caregivers through all aspects of feeding babies.  As you may know, my new book The Wholesome Baby Food Guide is not only a book of over 150 recipes, but it is also a feeding and nutrition guide.

Since creating the WholesomeBabyFood website in 2003, many people have emailed me or left comments to ask me about certain aspects of a baby food recipe or a food in particular.   It dawned on me that a forum or community would be a wonderful thing to create.  With a forum, we all can share ideas and tips as well as read through the questions and answers that others have asked in the past. I am very excited about this and I hope that you all will too!  The forum is still in it’s infancy and not very active yet.  I have created different sections and areas but please feel free to request one that you feel would be nice to have.  Please pardon the dust 🙂

The Wholesome Baby Food Guide Community Forum