Cost of Making Homemade Baby Food versus Buying Store Bought Commercial Baby Food

If there is one question that is asked the most by people who are thinking about making their own baby food, the question is this “Does it cost more than buying jars of baby food? Making the food for my baby at home has to be a lot more expensive, right?”

Looking at cost effectiveness in a pure cost versus cost manner, you will find that the cost of homemade ranges from $0.49 per pound (fruits and veggies) to $5.99 per pound (meats and fish).  I think the best way to show you the cost basis is to show you a few images of baby food at the (my local NH) grocery store.



These meals shown above can be made at home for at least half the cost of the pouches. The first pouch is just apples and blackberries – $7.27 per pound is expensive for those 2 ingredients don’t you think?!



Curiously, these Stage Two foods shown above cost less per pound than the Stage One foods!  They also contain 2 more ounces; I have not broken down the cost on and ounce by ounce basis to see if there is really a big difference.




Above we have Stage One fruits. Expensive at $3.20 per pound but our local grocery store sells bananas at $0.49 per pound and peaches are $0.99 per pound.



I just cannot go into all the many reasons why meats in a jar are just wrong, so very wrong; the “ICK!” factor being one of the biggest and the “gravy” factor being a close second. Buy fresh meats and blend them at home!


**Sorry Gerber, your jars are positioned within the “line of sight” hence why your brand has the spotlight on this one!