baby finger foods

Day 22 – Choking and Finger Foods – 365 Days of Baby Food

Many parents become gripped and paralyzed with fear when it comes time to move baby from purees to chunky texture and table foods.  The fear of letting baby begin to feed herself chunks and lumps of foods is about the […]

Day 20 – Roasted Apples and Fennel – 365 Days of Baby Food

Roasted apples and fennel brings you a sweet, nutty licorice-anisey flavor.  It’s a wonderful combination that you can serve as a standalone side dish or puree and add to your favorite savory soup.  Fennel tastes like a cross between licorice […]

Butternutty Apple Fritters – A Versatile Baby Finger Food and Meal Side

This post is an oldie that somehow disappeared from The Wholesome Baby Food Guide blog – I have no idea how that could have occured but luckily, I was able to find a copy on my hard drive. So without […]