Day 27 – Creamy Salmon and Carrots – 365 Days of Baby Food

We eat a lot of fish in my house. Not only is it quick to prepare but it’s such a super nutritious food.  Full of Omega 3 fatty acids, salmon, and other fish, is also a great source of protein […]

Day 25 – One Pot Meals: Apples, Chicken and Carrots – 365 Days of Baby Food

Fast and easy, quick and simple; making baby food can be all of the aforementioned.  In this recipe, the combination of apples, carrots and chicken yields a delicious meal that can be pureed for babies still beginning the solid food […]

Day 12 – Julienne Finger Foods – 365 Days of Baby Food

Finger foods for baby are really simple to make.  Just use the foods you were using to create baby purees and slice, chunk and mash into a chunky texture and voila!  Finger foods.  Using a julienne peeler is a great […]

Day 5 – First Vegetables for Babies – 365 Days of Baby Food

When introducing solid foods to babies, parents most often wonder which foods are suitable as first foods. Naturally, they wonder about fruits, veggies, meats and grains and dairy products. On Day 5 of our series, we give you the best […]

Top 5 First Foods for Baby – Carrots

Starting Baby on Solid Foods – Top 5 First Foods for Baby –  Carrots What makes carrots a top 5 first food for babies? Easy to digest, pleasant to taste, carrots are packed full of nutrients such as beta carotene, […]

Rainbow Potato Baby Food Puree – Making baby food from dinner food

It’s time for another, “making baby food from dinner food” post. I haven’t officially announced that I will be doing a series of posts that I will call “making baby food from dinner food” – consider this the announcement. In […]

Colorful Carrots for Baby Food & Self-Feeding Little Ones – Rainbow carrots can pique interest!

There are times when little ones seem to be completely disinterested in eating any solid foods.  This can be frustrating for us, particularly when we have lovingly slaved taken the time to prepare a variety of homemade foods.  I think […]

Parisian Carrots – Baby’s Puree or Family’s Ginger Carrot Soup? Recipe for Carrot Baby Food and Ginger Carrot Soup

Have you ever tasted Parisian carrots? These very sweet, cute little carrot balls burst with color, taste and nutrients! According to the Seed Savers Exchange, the Parisian market carrot (Daucus carota), is a nineteenth-century French heirloom. It grows early in […]