The Wholesome Baby Food Guide Everything for feeding baby

Published in February of 2012 and loved by many, in May of 2012,  we went into a second printing - Thank YOU for your support and enthusiasm!

It has been quite an experience writing this book and I hope that you all will find it as helpful and enjoyable as you find the website itself!

My book contains many new recipes and information not found on the website,  some all time favorites as well as

  • More than 150 recipes
  • Storage instructions and tips
  • Allergy alerts
  • Review of the three major stages of a baby’s learning to eat:
    • 4-6 months - 6-8 months - 8 months and up.

The Wholesome Baby Food Guide is a fabulous, helpful baby shower gift and it is a great gift for a special new mom.

Over the years, the visitors to the website have asked if there was a book available and it is amazing that I have been able to finally fulfill that request.

Get your copy today these fine booksellers online:

You can also stop into your local bookstore and purchase a copy.

I am pleased to say that The Wholesome Baby Food Guide is available nationally in the U.S. at over 300 libraries around the country!

The Wholesome Baby Food Guide is published by Grand Central Press - Life & Style 


The Slow Cooker Baby Food Cookbook 

Easy, Delicious and For Everyone

You don't eat all of your food out of jars, why should your baby? The Slow Cooker Baby Food Cookbook  shows you how to make your own baby food from natural, wholesome ingredients using flavors you know your baby will love.  Think you don't have the time?

Hello slow cooker!  If you think you don't have time to make fresh homemade baby food, this is where the slow cooker comes in.  Now you can prepare, puree and store a batch of foods and meals easily when you cook with the slow cooker.  My newest book,  The Slow Cooker Baby Food Cookbook showcases 60 purees and fruit sauces for your growing baby, as well as recipes for cereals, spoon and finger foods and meals the whole family will enjoy. The book also includes other important health and food safety information.

Parents and caregivers will learn about safely introducing solid foods to baby as well as find information about food allergies and food safety including storing, freezing, and reheating all recipes so your baby's meals remain as healthy, safe and tasty as when you first prepared them.