The “4 Day Wait” Rule – Homemade Baby Food and Store Bought Baby Food

What is the 4 Day Wait Rule?

Whether you choose to make baby food or purchase commercial baby food, it is best to abide by the “4 Day Wait” Rule.  The rule is simple:  introduce your baby to one food at a time and wait approximately four days to introduce the next food.

If your baby has a negative reaction to a food, following this rule will allow you to quickly pick out what the offending food was and eliminate it from baby’s diet.  Once you have introduced several new foods without a reaction, you can begin to mix them together.

How Soon Do Digestive Upsets Or Allergic Reactions Occur After Exposure?

📍📍Allergic reactions and/or digestive upsets typically will occur within the first 24 hours after you introduce a new food. Digestive issues with new foods may take longer to appear.

When Can I Stop Using The 4 Day Wait Rule When Feeding Baby?

When your baby is around 7 months old, you will have introduced many new foods and will have a good idea about what foods may be allergenic or cause your little one digestive upsets. At this stage you can be less strict about applying the “4 Day Wait” Rule.

As you loosen up the rule, however, it is still important to pay attention to the new foods you offer your little one, especially those that pose an allergy risk.

A few pediatricians have suggested that there is no need to wait between introducing one food and another and that it is fine to simply introduce baby to several foods at a time.  On balance, though, there is no down side to following the rule, especially when first beginning solids.

Family Food Allergy and Intolerance History

You should decide whether you want to follow, or not follow, the “rule” based on your baby’s family history of food allergies and your baby’s overall digestive behaviors. In particular, babies who have a family history of or a particular risk of food allergies will benefit most from the “4 Day Wait” Rule.