Tools You Need To Make Homemade Baby Food

What Tools Do You Need To Make And Store Homemade Baby Food?

As parents think about making fresh homemade foods for their babies, one of the negatives they thing may be the need to go out and purchase more kitchen gadgets. Who has the time to research and then go buy new kitchen gadgets?  here's the best news - you don't have to go out and buy new kitchen tools to make baby food.

Most new parents are shocked to learn that it is 99.9% possible that they already have everything they need to make homemade baby food. Yep, this fact is often a game-changer.

I've created a list of the appliances and tools you'll need.  I'm willing to bet you already have most, if not all, of these tools and appliances.  The first item on the list —a slow cooker—is going to come in really handy. It will make meals for the family and your baby and make baby food prep efficient and simple!


Here's What You Need:

… Slow cooker
… Oven
… Stovetop
… Microwave
… Refrigerator & Freezer
… Blender
… Hand mixer (optional)
… Immersion blender (optional)
… Food processor
… Whisk
… Potato masher
… Coffee grinder
… Pots and pans
… Cooking spoons and other cooking utensils
… Paring, carving, and slicing knives
… Ice cube trays
… Storage containers
… Freezer-safe storage containers
… Freezer-safe resealable plastic bags

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