Pureeing and Prepping Baby Food

puree and prepare homemade baby food for eating

Puree and Prepare Homemade Foods for Babies

Once you’ve cooked the food that you’re going to make into baby food, the next step is to create a puree, which is simply food that has been turned into a thin, smooth texture. It is created by blending or processing a food, typically a fruit or vegetable (or a meat), until it becomes thin and smooth. This is usually accomplished in a food processor or blender, or even with a hand mixer or immersion (stick) blender.

Babies who begin to wean from breast milk or formula often begin the transition with pureed food. Pureed foods can be ideal first foods for babies because the texture of the foods makes them easy to digest and easy to spoon-feed, plus they offer baby a familiar texture.

Keep in mind, though, that babies don’t always have to start with purees. In fact, baby’s first foods can also be soft, mashed foods.

If you're interested in a more baby-led approach, check out the spoon-feeding versus the baby-led feeding and the pros and cons of both.

Making Puree - Great Foods and Liquids For Pureeing Baby Foods & Meals:

Breast Milk


Broths or Stocks (unsalted and free from MSG)


Other pureed foods (add applesauce to carrots for example)

Cooking water or cooking juices (save the water when you boil/steam foods and also save any juices from the slow cooker or other cooking medium)

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