Homemade Chicken or Turkey Nuggets – A Finger Food and Baby Led Weaning Recipe

Hey Mom! Let’s get in the car and head to McD’s and grab some healthy nuggets and fries – Let’s not!

Like most parents, the thought of serving my kiddos chicken nuggets remains a bit creepy.  Yet not serving chicken nuggets meant giving up a quick grab-n-go lunch, or even dinner, when the clock ticked into mealtime without alerting me.  Enter my passion for changing things up.  I like to invent different ways to create nuggets, loaves and “muffins” by tweaking the common [beef] meatloaf or muffin recipe.  Having recently found frozen turkey breast cutlets in the freezer, I decided to try my hand at a poultry nugget this time.

This recipe is simple, can be made egg free and is best served warm from the oven. You can freeze the nuggets before you cook them or after they have been cooled and cooked.