Winter Veggie Goodness – Sweet & Nutty, Often Overlooked – Parsnips roasted with apples are Wonderful for Babies!

The parsnip is a root vegetable.  While many root vegetables, indeed most vegetables, wither and die when the frost sets in the ground, the parsnip actually shines!

The flavor of parsnips, and their texture too, improves after the first frost.  The chilling cold of the frost seems to force the natural sugars outward as the roots expand under the cold conditions.

Parsnips can actually be left in the ground, all winter long and harvested as you please – as long as you are able to dig them out from under the snow and/or frozen soil.

Roasting parsnips brings out the best of flavors.  When you chop up an apple or 2 to roast together with the parsnips, deee-lish!  Did I mention simple?



Roasted Parsnips with Apples




Sometimes, I simply roast in a foil packet: