Friends and Relatives Try to Feed Baby Inappropriate Foods!

In early December, we ran a poll asking our visitors if they would offer their babies a “special” holiday treat during the Holiday season.  The poll was split with NO at 48% and YES at 52%.  We decided to do a follow-up poll to see if well-intentioned family members and friends tried to sneak in some foods.

We have to have a sympathetic laugh at the results; our friends and relatives were always trying to feed our babies “inappropriate” foods, no matter what was on the calendar!

Our Eleventh Poll“Did Friends or Relatives Try to Feed Your Baby “Inappropriate” Foods Over the Holidays “ was conducted from 02 January 2008 through 18 January 2008.

Poll Results Votes %
Yes, Grr…They Always Try!



No Way! They Know Better! 🙂



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