Honey – On the “Least” Allergenic List?

sweet beeFrom 13 January 2008 – Why is Honey on Your “Least” Allergenic List?

Charlene wrote to us questioning the foods listed on our Allergy page. “I am wondering why you have honey on the list of least allergic foods? Honey can KILL babies”

We wrote to Charlene to ask if she may have missed the paragraph above our Most/Least list on the Allergy page. We let her know that on the allergy page, we state the following:

Why is Honey on Your “Least Allergenic” List and the List of Forbidden Foods?

Please note that some of the foods that appear on the list of “Least Allergenic” should not be introduced until a certain age.  While these foods may not be allergy causing, there may be other issues that make that food item inappropriate to give to an infant prior to a specific age. 

An example of this is honey; honey is not a known allergen however it may contain spores that are botulism inducing.  Honey should not be given to an infant prior to one year of age.  To learn more about honey, visit our Honey and Botulism Tips section.

We realize that many parents may skip over the paragraphs and head straight to the lists. So honey is included on the list because it is NOT an allergenic food and many parents come looking for honey on our Allergy page!