Grinding Grains and Meats for Baby Food Recipes & Feeding Baby

Making cereals and meats homemade for your baby is simple and takes less time than you would imagine. The book feedback that makes me want to clap the most is when people tell me they had no idea how EASY it was to make homemade cereal and meats for their babies. YAY 🙂 You’ll be surprised by the (limited) instructions that follow!

One of the easiest ways to create homemade baby cereals and homemade meat puree baby food is by grinding the meats and the grains.

Grind the meats after you have cooked them but before you make the puree.



Grind the grains before you cook them into homemade baby cereal.

For Pureeing Meats into Baby Food:

Cool then cube the meat
Toss meat cubes into your blender or food processor and process until a powdery-like texture is acheived
Add water or broth or pureed fruits and/or veggies and process until you have a puree of the consistency that your baby prefers.

To Make Homemade Baby Cereal:

Grind the grain of your choosing into a powdery “flour”
Boil 1 cup of water on the stove top
Add 1/4 cup ground grains to 1 cup boiling water
Whisk until you have a cereal.
Allow to cool before serving and add in fruits, veggies or even meats to make a hearty meal!