Mango and Strawberry Mix – Baby Food Outside the Jar!

mangostrawColorful Fruit Mix

Just looking at the happy sunny colors of this chopped dish makes me smile.  There is always something about the fresh colors of fresh food that just makes me happy.

Add Color To Create Interest

Color can be a very important tool when trying to entice little ones to eat foods.   For this dish, all you need is a few strawberries and some fresh mango and presto-change-o, a sunny “salad” for little fingers.

You can also turn this into a fabulously fruity puree to be mixed with yogurt or chicken, oatmeal or rice or even served on its own.

Mango and Strawberry Allergy Note

Strawberry Allergies:  Strawberries seldom pose a life threatening allergic reaction however they may cause a topical reaction in the form of a rash around the mouth. Due to the addition of fresh strawberries, you may want to serve this to babies between 10-12 months or older as strawberries have the potential to trigger allergic reactions.  You can steam or stew the strawberries to help “de-activate” the protein in the strawberry that is responsible for triggering a reaction.

If you steam or otherwise cook the strawberries, you will not be able to chop them up however; puree is your only option but hey, that is not a bad option at all!

Mango Allergies: Mangos also seldom pose a life threatening allergenic reaction. Mangos may induce a rash like strawberries can.  Some people are allergic to mangos – the skin of the mango contains an oleoresin that causes a skin reaction, much like poison ivy.