Healthier Finger Food Snacks

Beth writes us about her healthy finger food find

“I wanted to rave about a great snack that my mother has found that is great for babies. I was and still am very picky on what my daughter eats because I want her to eat as healthy as possible and finding a good finger food snack for on the go for a baby was tough. It seemed all that was available was Gerber Puffs and Cheerios. So my mom found at Giant these Organic White Cheddar Rice Puffs made by Nature’s Promise.

Now I don;t know if Giant is located Nationwide or not but they are the absolute best. After seeing all the babies at my daughter birthday party last weekend chow down on them non stop I figured I had to let every mom know about them. They’re healthy, organic, they melt in babies mouth better than Gerber puffs and you can throw them in a baggie for on the go!! ”

Check it out Mommies!