Holiday Foods for Babies – Creamy Green Bean Casserole

Take one holiday vegetable tradition and give it a healthy twist so that even the babies among you can enjoy a creamy veggie side dish this holiday season.

Did you just cringe as you read the title of this post and the words “green bean casserole”?  If you did, and even if you crinkled up your nose and rolled your eyes, I forgive you because first impressions are sometimes downright awful (just like that green bean casserole).

The truth is that there is usually someone in every family that makes a green bean casserole and many of us cringe as we scoop out an obligatory portion.  I admit that sometimes I really do enjoy the green bean casserole.  It takes me back to my childhood, when I would sneak the fried onions from the can and run off in jubilant victory.

During the holidays it is difficult to feed the wee ones with little fuss and in keeping with the healthy habits we have been nurturing.  Here is a healthy, yummy green bean casserole recipe that the whole family can enjoy!  I hope you enjoy it too!