Little Yogurt Meals for Babies – Smoothies or Ice Pops for big kids

I love the ability to make a “meal” for little ones with just a wee bit of effort and not much planning.  Enter yogurt meals!  These tasty little mixes can incorporate all of the food groups if you like or as little as 2 additions.  The one huge benefit about making your own yogurt meals is that you will save a lot of money.

This DIY is very kind on the budget and yummy in the tummy!  You can serve yogurt meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Add a grain and you’ll have a complete meal!  Another option is to freeze these meals into ice-pop molds or in small freezer containers; blend the ingredients together and enjoy a smoothie if you prefer.

For this yogurt blend, I used

I toss in the yogurt then layer the fruits/veggies then add some more yogurt.  Give is all a good blend until thoroughly combined then pour into molds and containers.  You also have the option to add flaxmeal, oatmeal, or even cooked rice!

If you freeze these, they may separate upon thawing.  You may also notice that the whey may drain to the bottom of the container that you are freezing in.  Just give a good stir to recombine the ingredients and you’ll be good to go.


Suggested ages for ingredients – always check with your pediatrician!

* yogurt – 6 months earliest, 8 months typical for those w/o history of dairy allergies or intolerance
* raspberries, strawberries, blackberries – 12 months typical but may be introduced between 6-8 months upon consult with your pediatrician
* blueberries – 6-8 months, 8 months typical
* carrots – 6 months