Day 7 – First Fruits for Baby – 365 Days of Baby Food

Is your baby just starting solid foods? Do you want to start baby off with fruits instead of veggies. it’s ok, go ahead and start with fruits!  It’s a myth that introducing fruits before veggies will cause your little one to reject vegetables.  Some pediatricians still say to introduce the vegetables first so that your baby does not develop a “sweet tooth” for fruits. For the breast fed baby, it’s too late, breast milk is a sweet food and therefore breastfed babies get to eat the sweetest food there is, straight from the beginning of life.   You will find some pediatricians that say to definitely introduce fruits first as this approach will help baby enjoy her first foods and she will be less likely to reject the foods.   And then there is the order of the color of the first vegetables recommendation – don;t think about it!  Here’s the good news, there is no hard scientific evidence to prove that any of these myths are fact.  In fact, humans have been hard-wired to reject bitter tasting foods (bitter = poisonous) over the sweet (non-poisonous, good for you) since the dawn of time. It was the only way they could keep from dying due to eating poisonous foods!  Here are some great first fruit choices for babies, enjoy.