Rice Cereal Allergy in Babies – Can babies be allergic to rice cereal


Could my baby be allergic to Rice/Rice cereal? It seems like she had a reaction to it!

Rice in particular is not a known “high” allergen in the US and most Western Countries and this is why it is typically recommended as an infant’s first food (in the US that is). If there is a rice allergy, studies show that the allergy is most often to the pollen of the rice and a reaction is triggered by the inhalation of the pollen – rice is a grass and may produce hay fever like symptoms.

Rice pollen has been know to cause allergies in those that live around rice fields. Typically, if one is allergic to rice, then there will be sensitivities shown to other grains such as oats, barley, wheat and rye to name a few! Rice may cause diarrhea in those that are sensitive to it however it is rare.

You will find that the early commercial Rice products offered to baby are fortified with iron and many brands contain further additives.

Many commercial baby cereals that contain rice are of the “mixed” ingredient nature and may contain items such as soy and corn starch and dairy derivatives.

Infant jar foods that contain rice may contain items such as soy, modified corn starch, tapioca etc..

Your baby may not be allergic to rice at all!  It may be that in the beginning, your baby had a sensitivity to something contained within the cereal or the jar that was not directly related to the rice.  Try offering your baby plain home-cooked rice and see how she reacts to it.