When Life Hands You Pumpkin, You Make Soup and Biscuits


Today I made a few yummy things with pumpkin! It is Halloween after all 🙂  I want you to remember, and please keep in mind, that you should NOT use that Jack-o-Lantern to make food with.  You can learn more about that here.

I roasted pumpkin a few days ago and just got around to fixing it up. I had pureed it and stored it in the fridge so half my work was already done.  I had enough to make soup and pumpkin biscuits – Hooray!

My new obsession is with self-rising flour.  I am not quite sure how I have never, in all my years, tried to bake with it.  Self-rising flour, I shall never leave you or forsake you – ever!  You are just too darn easy to work with and you save me time too.

Without further blabbering, I shall leave you my recipes.


Now onto the Bisquits