Christmas Holiday Homemade Gift – Homemade Baby Food with a Homemade Ornament

I know it’s early but, people are pinning an old image of my handmade Christmas ornament only to find that the post has disappeared and I can’t find it either; Yikes! So here is the post, recreated but originally posted in December 2011.

The Winter is one of my favorite seasons for a couple of reasons with fresh wonderful seasonal foods and celebrations being the greatest reasons.  I also like Winter because it truly is a season of giving!  Amidst all the hustle and bustle, we have the opportunity to handcraft a variety of useful items for those that we love, admire and share friendships with.

I especially like to be able to handcraft ornaments for a Christmas tree and homemade baby food in a basket for those friends and family who have little ones.

The ornament above is incredibly simple to make. Buy a pack of thin ribbon and some glass ornaments from a craft store, carefully open the top where the hanger loop is and then stuff in whatever you fancy.

For my ornament, there is

  • down from a milkweed
  • little red (plastic) berries
  • small plastic holly leaves
  • pine needles.
Frozen Baby Food from the Blog

Frozen Baby Food from the Blog

Do you know someone who has a little one who is just about to begin eating solid foods or who has already begun to eat solids?  Make a homemade baby food gift basket for someone you know.

This gift is great and can be made up in several ways. You can choose to include fresh homemade foods that you have pureed or just include the “tools of the trade” that one needs when making homemade baby food.

Create a Homemade Baby Food Gift Basket

  • a nice basket that may be re-purposed
  • storage cubes
  • ice cube trays
  • baby food recipes book (of course the one I wrote, The Wholesome Baby Food Guide)
  • bibs
  • spoons
  • a coffee/spice grinder (reatively inexpensive to buy, between $14.00 and $20.00)
  • baby “feeder” (the mesh or silicone ones)
  • small immersion blender

This gift is thoughtful, practical and the items in the basket will be in use long after babies have moved onto table foods and grade school!


Below you will find a few items that would be great to include in a gift basket for someone who wants to make homemade baby food.