Tools and Appliances

Day 18 – Heating and Thawing Baby Food; Option 1 – 365 Days of Baby Food

When you freeze homemade baby food, you’re creating a stash of healthy meals while also making meal prep. easier for you.  When it comes to heating and thawing homemade baby food, there are several ways and methods that one can […]

Day 12 – Julienne Finger Foods – 365 Days of Baby Food

Finger foods for baby are really simple to make.  Just use the foods you were using to create baby purees and slice, chunk and mash into a chunky texture and voila!  Finger foods.  Using a julienne peeler is a great […]

Christmas Holiday Homemade Gift – Homemade Baby Food with a Homemade Ornament

  I know it’s early but, people are pinning an old image of my handmade Christmas ornament only to find that the post has disappeared and I can’t find it either; Yikes! So here is the post, recreated but originally […]