Feburary 21 – Launch day for The Wholesome Baby Food Guide

Tuesday was the “official” launch day of my new book. Hooray!! I spent the day doing a few radio spots, newspaper interviews and other fun things.  I will be doing some radio shows into the first week of March as well and TV (OMG I hope I don’t faint!)

This has been exciting but a bit nerve wracking as well.  I’m a shy person by nature and don’t feel comfortable in the spotlight.  Doing the radio shows has actually been a lot of fun, despite the nerves and shaky voice as I start off.

I decided to post a photo of the book’s acknowledgement page on the WBF Facebook page on launch day.  It was very important for me to make sure the visitors to the website know how much I have appreciated them over these last (almost) 9 years.  Without the constant input and cheering, I may not have been motivated to continue with the website once my little ones were firmly ensconced in the solid food world.  It is amazing that still, after 9 years, I am able to see how the foods my family eats can be transformed  into foods for babies.  There really is no end to what type of foods can be made into baby food – the possibilities are endless as I have always said.