Harvest Steel Cut Oatmeal – A hearty baby cereal and tasty for the whole family

Using whole grains to make baby cereal or other grain based recipes is always better than using refined and enriched grains.  Whole grains retain all of their natural and wholesome goodness. Whole grains not highly processed and stripped of the […]

Peachy Keen Apple Sweet Potatoes – Fall Recipe for Baby and Family – Baby Food from Family Food

  It’s Fall –  Hip Hip Hooray!  There are so many amazing flavors of the Fall that I really do rejoice as it comes in full swing.  The crisp New England air and the abundance of pumpkins, apples, squash and […]

Chicken Pot Pie – Baby Food from Dinner Food – Many Possibilities!

Chicken Pot Pie  is a perfect Stage 2 or Stage 3 baby food you can make from dinner food! This recipe makes a hearty chicken pot pie that the whole family will enjoy. You can serve a piece to your […]

Top 5 First Foods for Baby – First up, Sweet Potatoes

Starting Baby on Solid Foods – Top 5 First Foods for Baby There are several choices of first foods to offer your baby, some foods are better than others for a variety of different reasons.  Rest assured that pasty white […]

Colorful Carrots for Baby Food & Self-Feeding Little Ones – Rainbow carrots can pique interest!

There are times when little ones seem to be completely disinterested in eating any solid foods.  This can be frustrating for us, particularly when we have lovingly slaved taken the time to prepare a variety of homemade foods.  I think […]