Food Safety Tips

Day 33 – Where to store that beautiful produce – 365 Days of Baby Food

This is one of the best infographics out there that shows exactly where produce should be stored.  After we do the shopping and spend all that money for quality (and often organic) produce, it would be a shame to not […]

Day 18 – Heating and Thawing Baby Food; Option 1 – 365 Days of Baby Food

When you freeze homemade baby food, you’re creating a stash of healthy meals while also making meal prep. easier for you.  When it comes to heating and thawing homemade baby food, there are several ways and methods that one can […]

Nitrates – Carrots & The Nitrates and the Homemade Baby Food Myth

You may have been told by your pediatrician or a friend or a website on the internet, that it’s best to not make your baby homemade baby foods or that you should not make certain types of vegetables due to […]

Oh No! Nitrates in Homemade Baby Food – The scary homemade baby food myth that grows from mis-information

On 12 September 2013 pediatrician and author Dr. Joanna Dolgoff appeared on Fox News to talk about the British study indicating that homemade baby food was more nutritious than store bought baby food. I was eager to hear what the […]

Microwave Cooking Homemade Baby Foods – Using a Microwave to Cook Baby Food

If there is one thing that may be missing in The Wholesome Baby Food Guide book, it’s instructions for how to cook each recipe in the microwave.  I believe in baking, roasting, sauteing, or steaming the foods that I feed […]