Fall Harvest Baby Food – Buttercup Squash

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  Buttercup Squash - A Fall Harvest Winter Squash Buttercup squash is a medium sized squash.  It's a bit bigger than acorn squash and very much smaller than a Hubbard squash.  It's similar in size and appearance to the kabocha squash.  The buttercup squash has a very distinct round bottom that is circular.  It looks as [...]

Day 11 – Crockpot Apples and Pumpkin – 365 Days of Baby Food

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Apples and pumpkins pair together to make a great fruity meal for babies. With this recipe, you have the ease of "fix it and forget it" by using the crockpot and, you can also make an apple-pumpkin butter when you let the mix cook down further. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:55]

Thanksgiving Baby Food Ideas Download

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            Happy Thanksgiving! Baby’s First Thanksgiving Menu – Commonly Served Foods * [columns] [one-half]Roasted Turkey Roasted Ham Sweet Potatoes Green Beans Pumpkin Butternut Squash White Potatoes* Sweet Potatoes Asparagus Brussel Sprouts Apples Pears Stuffing Gravy Lasagna Nuts Shell Fish [/one-half] [one-half]6 Months+ 6 Months+ (all natural only) 6 Months+ 6 Months+ 6 [...]

Can My Baby Eat the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie? – Baby Food Quick Tip

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It's almost here, the day of Pumpkin Pie and Giving Thanks.  I have to admit that I'm a sucker for pumpkin pie. It's one of my favorite foods of Thanksgiving and as luck would have it, it's actually nutritious. My little ones were lucky because when Thanksgiving rolled around, they were 10 months old and I happily [...]

Harvest Steel Cut Oatmeal – A hearty baby cereal and tasty for the whole family

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Using whole grains to make baby cereal or other grain based recipes is always better than using refined and enriched grains.  Whole grains retain all of their natural and wholesome goodness. Whole grains not highly processed and stripped of the parts that contain important nutrients,such as the bran. Whole grains will offer the most bio-available nutrients [...]

Can Babies and Toddlers Drink Apple Cider?

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Fall continues to roll on in New England.  There are still plenty of  fresh apples from local orchards and even squash and pumpkins and least we forget, he last of the corn harvest.  While picking and eating fresh apples is a favorite Fall ritual  and so is  enjoying fresh pressed apple cider.  And yes, we love [...]

Apple Rings with Apple Peelers – Making Apple Rings and Finger Foods for Tots

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Apple Peeler available on Amazon.com Behold the humble apple peeler-core-er tool.  This tool makes quick work of peeling and slicing apples and is a lot of fun for kids to use.  When you have this tool, you can easily make uniform apple rings for a variety of uses such as pies apple crisp finger [...]

Apple Cider Rice Cooker Oatmeal – It sure tastes yummy!

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Do you have a rice cooker? Have you ever made oatmeal in a rice cooker?  It's easy to toss everything in the rice cooker and it comes out very tasty.  A big bonus is that you don't have to hang around stirring, (and stirring and stirring) a pot of oatmeal porridge on the stove-top. Making oatmeal [...]

Making Stock for Babies. Get to Stocking Up for the Late Fall and Winter Cold – Babies can benefit from stock too!

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I wish you could have been in my kitchen as this stock was simmering on the stove top!  You could really smell the taste of warm chicken noodle soup, quinoa pilaf, chicken pot pie and so many other recipes that can benefit from a wholesome homemade stock recipe. Chicken stock can be a blessing during the [...]

Mini Pumpkin Muffins – A Treat for Little Fingers

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It's Pumpkin Time! Super Easy, Super Tasty Mini Pumpkin Muffins - They're Back on the Blog! This recipe came about when I had just used the last of my frozen roasted pumpkin puree from the Fall pumpkin harvest   That fresh pumpkin puree was sure put to yummy use! As our babies move further along in [...]